Out of the Lazarus Pit

I tend to suffer from “Shiny Object Syndrome.” I get passionate about a new project, only to start a new one shortly thereafter. I brainstorm ideas, make lists and plans, and then forget about them. Repeat ad nauseum.

It’s like my brain is forever stewing in a Lazarus Pit.

Lately, I’ve found myself getting more and more invested in my passion for science writing and communication. I’m committed to several projects that continue to inspire me in new ways. This means it was time to start anew with blogging and to be more proactive about curating all of my “sci comm” projects in one spot. *BAM* Hello, new website!!

I’m looking forward to writing in this new space, and hope that it continues to provide new opportunities for me to geek out and never stop learning!


Featured image via Flickr user Indrik myneur

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