2019 Goals

Hello, New Year! Is there not a better time to try and revive a dead blog? I’m happy to report that I made a lot of progress last year with both personal and professional goals—with some complete failures, too. Some of them are being carried over into this year, but I’ve also set some new goals ranging from easily attainable to a true challenge. These goals are fluid and likely to evolve as the year progresses, but I’m excited to try and elevate myself in the following ways this year: Continue reading

Mission Briefing: Juno

In ancient Roman mythology, Juno was the chief goddess, sister, and wife to Jupiter, king of the gods. Despite her husband’s tumultuous personality, Juno was loyal, and persistent in keeping tabs on Jupiter’s secret affairs.

On August 5, 2011, Juno—the JUpiter Near-polar Orbital—launched from Cape Canaveral and began its long journey to rendezvous with Jupiter. In 2013, Juno briefly returned to Earth’s orbit to propel itself on course by performing a gravitational slingshot maneuver on trajectory toward the gas giant.

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